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The Christian Single Moms Podcast is a place where single moms who love Jesus can find hope, healing and encouragement. We tackle the topics single moms want to know about from a biblical perspective, including divorce, domestic violence, abuse, parenting, dating, relationships, and more.

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May 12, 2021

All of us have painful experiences with manipulation, whether it's at the hands of an ex, a parent, a friend/family member, or a boss/co-worker. Tim Sanford MA, LPC of Focus on the Family gives insight into the motives of manipulative people, and teaches how to identify the three main styles manipulators use to control others. He also offers biblical ways to handle manipulation and support your kids if they are being manipulated by a parent.

Read Tim's Article "How to Deal Wisely With Manipulative People" or receive a free consultation from Focus on the Family

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