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The Christian Single Moms Podcast is a place where single moms who love Jesus can find hope, healing and encouragement. We tackle the topics single moms want to know about from a biblical perspective, including divorce, domestic violence, abuse, parenting, dating, relationships, and more.

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Feb 17, 2021

This episode covers all the basics of getting out of (and getting over) toxic relationships. Tiffany Denny from the Relationship Recovery shares red flags every woman should know about (like gaslighting) and explains how trauma bonding causes us to be attracted to abusive people. She helps us to understand the confusing and addictive nature of the abuse cycle, and clarifies how codependency keeps us in (but NEVER causes) toxic relationships. We cover why you must have a safety plan before leaving an abusive situation and how to use methods like no contact and gray rock to manage parenting and communication. Tiffany also shares daily practices for healing well and describes how to approach dating in the aftermath of abuse.

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If you need help with an abusive relationship, contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline

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